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Widely used for led light bulbs lamp inline foot led dimmer switch controller

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Five Advantages Of Products

  • dimmable
  • oem
  • energy saving
  • simple operation
  • long life

Product Details

Widely used for led light bulbs lamp inline foot led dimmer switch controller

Widely used for led light bulb inline foot led dimmer

Model and Color for choose: 

Inline foot led dimmer


Model No.                 QE-FT-200W-001

Input voltage             AC 200-240V 50Hz

Dimming mode         Trailing edge

Maximum load          200w

Minimum load            2w

LED lamps                 2-150w

Halogen                    2-200w

Incandescent            2-200w

Temperature             -5~40 ℃

Over load protect      Yes 

Short circuit protect   Yes

LED indicator              Yes

Certificate                   CE & RoHS


Trailing edge LED dimmer,dimming smooth.

No neutral required,suitable for most of brands plate.

Built in resettable short circuit protection,overload protection,over temperature protection,over current protection.

Resettable electrical fuse design,when short circuit over temperature over current happened,no need change fuse or any parts,reset your dimmer easily,

Colorful signal light will guide user find the exact problem in the connection,easily and convenient.

The dimming switch is based on the characteristics of the light-emitting body, various types of lamps and people's requirements for light developed a new product;

Dimming switch Its function is mainly to show different light at different times, just like sunlight, in the control of light and color temperature.

Environmental protection and energy conservation.


Dimming switch can meet people at different times on the different needs of light brightness, can directly replace the existing wall switch. Suitable for family rooms, apartments, hotels, hospitals and other public places. With the improvement of living standards, people can not be separated from light, but also can not be separated from the quality of light requirements.


The needs for dimming can be broadly divided into three categories:

Functional adjustment of light needs, such as entrance to the entrance, conference rooms, etc.


Home life comfort and life style embodiment, such as the light and dark matching, color temperature and temperature, can be adjusted according to the needs of the environment, but also play the role of baking atmosphere;


The needs for environmental protection and energy saving, such as the need for energy saving in public places. Such as parking lot lighting, mall lighting, road lighting and so on.




Rongsheng lighting was founded in 2014, located in Dongguan city of Guangdong province, which professional in LED filament light, Decorative LED, LED string lights and LED switch dimmer.etc

Our factory is about 5,000 square meters, employed more than 100 skilled workers and 3 production lines. Rongsheng lighting has advanced R&D team, strong technical force and rich technical experience. We have BSCI, CE, ROHS, LVD, EMC certification etc. And we have been widely sold to many European countries, USA and Middle East etc. We put lots of efforts every year to continue developing new models. 

Our goal is Scientific management, the pursuit of excellence, Customer first and keep developing. We strive to provide you with high quality products and best service.

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